Dha-Hanu (2.800 m)
Dha-Hanu is the name for five attractive villages along the Indus Valley leading northwest from Khalsi. Apricots, apples, walnuts and even grapes are grown here in the lower altitude. But the special interest of this region is less the landscape than its inhabitants. It is the home of a unique group of Dard people known as Brokpa. In most other areas the Dards have been strongly influenced by either the Tibetans or by the Muslims but here they preserved their racial purity down the centuries. That’s why they are so different from the rest of the Ladakhis, with their strong Aryan looks, language and clothing. The features of the inhabitants are pure Indo-Aryan. One of the curious features is their abhorrence of the cow or any of its products. Tourists are allowed to visit only two villages: Dha and Bima.

1st Day: Leh to Dha-Hanu (2.800 m)
You drive 7 or 8 hours via Khalsi to the village Dah. The route follows the River Indus. You camp at the village Dah.

2st Day: Dah to Bima
You go to another region of the Dard people called Bima. You will camp overnight at Achinathang. It is a beautiful valley and has its own class of aesthetics.

3rd Day: Achinathag to Leh
Retrace the route to Leh. On the way back to Leh visit the famous monasteries Alchi, Likir and Spituk.